A noble knight. His strong-hearted squire. Life in a castle.

‘Tis all in “The Squire Pages”

The cover of the short story "The Squire Pages" by B.J. Vancheyson“I shudder at the day any squire has to face a real enemy for the first time. Any decent knight dreads that for his squire more than anything.
—Sir Grant

What is it like for a knight to guide a squire? Sir Grant is a friend and mentor to his squire, Jonathan, in the age of medieval swords and chivalry. From sword practice to heartbreaking moments, it’s all in “The Squire Pages,” a short story epub—free with newsletter signup.

Plus…Keep an eye out for the upcoming medieval fantasy novel featuring Squire Jonathan, Sir Grant and their comradesfrom the brave to the cunningat Consany Castle.

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More is on the way in the upcoming medieval fantasy novel. When we meet Squire Jonathan in the first chapter,  his life is about to face some shake-ups, both good and bad. The book is currently in its final stages. 

Book launch date: TBD.

In the meantime, here’s more about Squire Jonathan, the main character.

A squire sitting on horseback and carrying a sword in front of the castle of Consany.

Jonathan is learning from the most noble knight of Consany Castle and has the makings of a valiant hero himself. His parents own an expansive barony and sent him to the castle to train as a knight as soon as he was old enough. Jonathan suddenly faces the unexpected, however, as he finds out about a secret in the beloved castle he calls home—a problem he is helpless to solve.

He also has to eventually face the fact that his well-to-do parents would shun the penniless maiden who has stolen his heart. His  strength of spirit and potential mettle must guide him as he treads a flustering path toward knighthood.

Meet more squires, knights and others living in the Kingdom of Consany

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Image Credits: Dagger by CoolCatGameStudio; Jonathan and castle compiled from images by Ravven, PrettySleepy, Eleatell and Flutie (all sourced from Pixabay.com, with the exception of image by Ravven from 123rf.com).