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Finalist for the 2023 American Writing Awards: Fiction-Fantasy Category

Cover of medieval fantasy novel, "Of Squires and Knights," by B.J. Vancheyson, with a badge for finalist for the 2023 American Writing Awards

Of Squires and Knights

A Medieval Fantasy Novel

A courageous squire. Life in a castle. And a dangerous secret.

Abuse of power and corruption are not what Jonathan would ever expect at Consany Castle—especially during his last year as a squire.

Close to mastering the ways of knighthood while training under the noble Sir Grant, Jonathan has only one year left before being dubbed as one of the honored knights of the King’s castle.

One day, he learns a perilous truth when a fellow squire reveals the violent deeds of a tricky, treacherous knight. Amidst this new turmoil, Jonathan has a chance encounter with a peasant that awakens his heart and forever changes his path—right as battles threaten to wrench him and Sir Grant away to war.

To make it worse, the skirmishes seem shrouded with mysterious circumstances, adding to the horrors of the frontlines.

As he nears knighthood, Jonathan lives with the uncertainty of secrets and battle woes, while struggling to follow the call of his heart—all as he serves valiantly as Sir Grant’s trusted squire. Will he find a way to protect all who are dear to him? If things don’t change, the people of Consany, from the town to the castle, could face a dark and uncertain future.

Content Note: This book has scenarios of physical abuse and war imagery.


It was as if he suddenly decided to bring to light something he waited to reveal, and he pushed away not only the bow, but the wall that had kept him from perceiving the truth and the clasp that had kept his mouth locked to hold it in.

Of Squires and Knights


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