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Short Stories

Looking for short stories online? Check out the following free short stories, from spiritual fiction to retro fiction.


“Leaving the Joie de Vivre” (Spiritual Fiction)

Image of sunken ship and ghost lay

An aging marine biologist, Dr. Thomas Raynes refused to retire. Yet his life felt stale and unlived…until he had a reason to believe sunken ships held more than wreckage and sea life. {Read}


“Time-Stamp: Back to the 80’s” (Retro Fiction)



  • Time Travel
  • 80’s stuff like the MASH game, big hair, 80’s teen fashion
  • Authentic 80’s dialogue

PDF: {Read Parts One and Two} {Read Parts Three and Four}

Audiobook Preview:


Audiobook: Listen to “Time Stamp: Back to the 80’s”



Fables for Adults


“Why the Bluebird is Happy”


{More Adult Fables }

{Audiobook Version of “A Collection of Adult Fables: Volume 1“}




“By the Sea”

Haiku: They stood by the sea/Someday, they would remember/this moment that passed.


{More Poetry}

{Audiobook Version of “Poetry Collection #1”}