Who Lives in the Kingdom of Consany?

From the stronghold of the castle to the townsfolk, the Kingdom of Consany is home to good folk in all walks of life—as well as some shady, heartless characters, some of whom should promptly get skewered by a sword.

Squire Jonathan (the Main Character)

A squire sitting on horseback and carrying a sword in front of the castle of Consany.A squire for the noble Sir Grant, Jonathan is learning from the best and has the makings of a valiant hero himself. His parents own an expansive barony and sent him to Consany Castle to train to become a knight as soon as he was old enough. Jonathan suddenly faces the unexpected, however, as he finds out about a secret in the beloved castle he calls home—a dangerous problem he is helpless to solve.

He also has to eventually face the fact that his well-to-do parents would shun the penniless maiden that has stolen his heart. His  strength of spirit and potential mettle must guide him as he treads a flustering path toward knighthood.

Squire Berny (Squire of Consany, Jonathan’s Long-Time Friend)

A squire with long dark hairAn amicable and positive squire, Berny somehow keeps his cheery nature while serving his knight, the arrogant Sir Renscel. Coming to Consany Castle a little while before Jonathan, he continues waiting for Sir Renscel to have him dubbed. While Jonathan’s strength is sword fighting, Berny is skilled with arrows, which the squires learn as a past-time, though archery is not used by knights in battle. He and Jonathan have been friends throughout their squirehood and have gone through countless rigors during their training.

Sir Grant (Knight of Consany Castle, Jonathan’s Mentor)

A knight in armorThe knight training Jonathan, Sir Grant is a good-hearted teacher and soldier. Always following the rules of knightly conduct, he freely passes on his knowledge of chivalry and his wisdom on to Jonathan. Well-built and a potentially formidable foe in combat, he instead relies on good principles to win the day, making him one of the King’s best soldiers. One of a group of knights stationed at Consany Castle, he serves to protect the King and castle, as well as the people of Consany.

Sir Renscel (Knight of Consany Castle, Chancellor of the Kingdom)

A knight with dark hair and a scornful expressionSir Renscel is the knight training Berny—a responsibility that he has basically forgone. More interested in his place as the King’s right-hand man, he instead glues himself to His Majesty and obsesses over anything that could give him power or glory in any way, shape or form. He is also the Chancellor of Consany, who is to someday inherit the kingdom once the heirless King Thomas passes away—a transfer of power that Jonathan dreads for the entire kingdom.

Shawmelle (Musician and Performer in the Town of Consany)

A peasant maiden with long light brown hairA lovely minstrel in town, Shawmelle has spent her entire life in the Kingdom of Consany. She is a talented singer and lutist, whose chosen “stage” is a simple boulder in town, where she sits and plays music to verses she writes herself. Drawing a crowd with her soft voice and quiet, winning ways, she has a regular fan base that attends her performances—and she eventually picks up a new fan who may or may not reside at Consany Castle.

Bonus: Gallanse (Jonathan’s Horse)

A beautiful white horseGallanse came to the castle when Jonathan was but a page learning to ride. Though Jonathan fell off repeatedly in his early childhood riding days, Gallanse eventually becomes his trusted steed as he grows through his days as squire and approaches knighthood. As Jonathan masters his skills and rides with Sir Grant onto the war field, Gallanse proves to be a steadfast battle companion—and friend—to Jonathan.


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Image Credits: Jonathan composited from images by Ravven, PrettySleepy and Eleatell; background by Flutie | Berny by Wolfgang Eckert; background by Mystic Art Design | Sir Grant composited from images by Silva; background by Susann Mielke | Sir Renscel by Pendelbury Annette | Shawmelle composited from images by Majabel Creaciones, Silvia and Dina Dee; background by Susann Mielke | Gallanse by Bianca Van Dijk (all sourced from Pixabay.com, with the exception of image by Ravven from 123rf.com)