Of Squires and Knights: Extras

Color Map of the Kingdom

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A map of the Kingdom of Consany. The land of Kyorriton is in the northwest. The land of Lystone is in the northeast. The southern region is the land of Consany, where a castle is built. Most of the map shows woods, plus some town areas in each land. The Sea of Fyyorde borders the kingdom on the west, with the Fairmonte River running through the northern area of the kingdom.



Of Squires and Knights Passages and Quotes

Everyone loves a good quote, especially quotes from valiant knights—or even the villain!


Map credits: Background by the author | Narwhal by OpenClipArt-Vectors/Pixabay.com; icons on website version  by Roropia/Pixabay.com; icons on book version by Roropia/Pixabay.com and Bodor Tivadar/Shutterstock.com