Dark Fantasy/Paranormal

The Limbo Fair

A book cover saying "The Limbo Fair" by B.J. Vancheyson with an image of a woman spirit in front of a ghostly ferris wheel

Paren had searched everywhere for one particular lost soul. He was not in Limbo. He was not earthbound. He seemed lost in every sense of the word.

A spirit guide trusted with finding truly lost souls when they are at last ready to move on, she makes her way to The Limbo Fair, a sometimes gruesome carnival housing those who were lost both in life and in death.

Can Paren succeed among the fair vendors selling deep-fried legs and rides like the “Smotherer,” operated by phantoms? Only the support of a fellow spirit guide encourages her as she hunts through a fair filled with lost spirits and apathetic specters at every turn.

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*Cover Images:
The Limbo Fair:
Ghost by Annette/Pixabay.com, ferris wheel by the author