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Poetry Roundup #5: “Haikro-Fiction,” Pets and Gardens

What a minute….What is “haikro-fiction”?

Admittedly, it’s really just a made-up term, as far as I know—but maybe it should be for real.

I first played with the term “haikro-fiction” after doing the following haiku about warriors “taking up the mallet,” so to speak, and realizing it was a bit of micro-fiction, as well.

So haiku + micro-fiction = haikro-fiction. Below is an example.

Warriors of caves/at the right time, you shall charge./Fight to live and die

(Inspired by “mallet“)



In all our world/the furred and feathered will rule/in pure strength of heart


I originally posted this on Instagram in February for Love Your Pet Day, but this is a reminder that every day should be Love Your Pet Day!



Image: Enrique Meseguer/

Plus, if you missed it, here’s a bit about a medieval peasant gardener:

Someday, I’ll start a garden,
where I shall plant and sow
seeds that the sun shall help to rise
and in my garden, grow.

The storms will come, my peasant life
will know no change in form,

yet I shall plant a garden,
howe’er tired and worn.

And there, we’ll sing a song of old,
of knights and heroes true,
where noble folk and we alike
will sing a happy tune.

Someday, I’ll start a garden,
where I shall plant and sow
seeds that the sun shall help to rise
and in my garden, grow.

-The Peasant Gardener


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Poetry Roundup #4: Where Does Creativity Come From?

This poetry roundup is a bit different: We’ll start with the answer to the all-elusive question then “round up” with a bit of discussion.

Original painting (acrylic on canvas)


“Where Does Creativity Come From?”

(by B.J. Vancheyson)

Where does creativity come from?
From inspiration and its ways.

It comes from teardrops in the rain,
it comes from sparks still in the flame.

From twists and turns in life’s long game,
from nothing…ideas struck, untamed.

From unseen art that’s yet unframed,
from characters still yet unnamed.

From rising moons that wax and wane,
from humble hours that turn to days.

Where does creativity come from then?
Inside? Out? Beginning? End?

When words do chime and voices sing,
from where does inspiration ring?

The answer’s simple: everything.




A lot of people ponder this. Does creativity come when we’re happy? Or from pain? From outside inspiration? Or from within our own minds?

This is one of those questions that has no answer–if you’re looking for an exact explanation.

If not, the answer really is the simple reply of “everything.”

(The art is a painting I did based on a tutorial, though it’s changed quite a bit. I didn’t think I’d do anything with it, but speaking of creativity…You never know what might be used for something later.)


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