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“The Hallowthanksmas Chronicles, Part Three: Why Thanksgiving is Blessed”

Even though she wants to remind us she’s going to be “roasted,” the Thanksgiving turkey has this offering for the Hallowthanksmas competition.

Why Thanksgiving is Blessed*

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You’re grateful for me? Ha! That’s rich!
You’ll bake and serve me on a dish!
Yet in the meantime, I suppose
I’ll talk about you ’til I roast.

This holiday’s for thankfulness.
Do you have food and homes?
If not, it’s harder, I would think,
for grateful seeds to sow.

So I can say that if you have
a roof over your head,
take not for granted shelter,
and a warm and cozy bed.

For nights are cold, and wind and rain
will smother you at best.
And most, they force all you to heed
the value of good rest.

If you have food, you’re luckier
than hundreds gone without.
Life’s cold and hard, and in a moment,
things can turn about.

Speaking of food, my time is near.
Is that the kitchen door I hear?
But did you know hens reappear
as hawks or owls some later year?

So I’ll take heart, as you should, too,
that even if there’s present gloom,
we surely will have better times,
to flutter in the bright sunshine.

—The Turkey

*even though I’m going to be eaten

To be continued with Santa Claus….

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Verses: This holiday's for thankfulness / Do you have food and hoes? ? If not, it's harder, I would think / for grateful seeds to sow