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What is Hallowthanksmas? (+the “Hallowthanksmas Chronicles, Part One”)

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We’ve heard the term “Hallowthanksmas” for a little while now, but it seems to be more popular this year. It’s easy to figure out what it is: the time between the big holiday combo of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Urban Dictionary  says we may as well “embrace” it and that the distinction between the holidays is becoming “less clear.” It also jokes that it’s the “time between Halloween and New Years when one gains obscene amounts of weight.”

It might, however, be a bit more than that: a reflection of how, rather than Christmas being seen as the “ultimate” holiday, many now revel just as much in Halloween and Harvest/Thanksgiving. We do see many more people confessing their love for Halloween over even Christmas or taking part of the grateful mindset of Thanksgiving, which has spilled into the rest of autumn.

Is one better than the other? How would representatives of each holiday stick up for their day?

We’re going to find out…in poetry and verse.

1Hallowthanksmas” in The Urban Dictionary


“The Hallowthanksmas Chronicles, Part One: The Hallowthanksmas Competition”

Hooray! It’s Hallowthanksmas,
a time we all agree
starts out the best part of the year,
from scariness to glee!

What’s that, you ask? Is this a joke?
Of course not! It is true!
Hallowthanksmas reigns for three months straight…
all waiting just for you!

This year, there’s competition,
as some characters I’ve asked
would like to say their holiday’s
the best of all three stacked!

So have no fear, we shall hear first
’bout Halloween and then,
move to Thanksgiving with its feasts
and pies and turkey hens.

And last, but not least,  we will speak
of Christmas, tried and true,
with trees and bows and gifts galore
and carols old and new.

And so, we start, with Halloween.
It comes first, as you know.
Perhaps that holiday is more
than scary spooks and woe.

(to be continued…)





Verses: Hooray! It's Hallowthanksmas / a time we all agree / starts out the best part of the year / from scariness to glee!


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Poetry Roundup #5: “Haikro-Fiction,” Pets and Gardens

What a minute….What is “haikro-fiction”?

Admittedly, it’s really just a made-up term, as far as I know—but maybe it should be for real.

I first played with the term “haikro-fiction” after doing the following haiku about warriors “taking up the mallet,” so to speak, and realizing it was a bit of micro-fiction, as well.

So haiku + micro-fiction = haikro-fiction. Below is an example.

Warriors of caves/at the right time, you shall charge./Fight to live and die

(Inspired by “mallet“)



In all our world/the furred and feathered will rule/in pure strength of heart


I originally posted this on Instagram in February for Love Your Pet Day, but this is a reminder that every day should be Love Your Pet Day!



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Plus, if you missed it, here’s a bit about a medieval peasant gardener:

Someday, I’ll start a garden,
where I shall plant and sow
seeds that the sun shall help to rise
and in my garden, grow.

The storms will come, my peasant life
will know no change in form,

yet I shall plant a garden,
howe’er tired and worn.

And there, we’ll sing a song of old,
of knights and heroes true,
where noble folk and we alike
will sing a happy tune.

Someday, I’ll start a garden,
where I shall plant and sow
seeds that the sun shall help to rise
and in my garden, grow.

-The Peasant Gardener


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