A Glimpse at the World from “Of Squires and Knights”

Of Squires and Knights starts with Squire Jonathan anticipating his last year before knighthood—which promptly turns into a year full of shake-ups.

The Courageous Squire

A squire sitting on horseback and carrying a sword in front of the castle of Consany.

Jonathan is learning from the best and has the makings of a valiant hero himself. His parents own an expansive barony and sent him to Consany Castle to train to become a knight as soon as he was old enough. Jonathan suddenly faces the unexpected, however, as he finds out about a secret in the beloved castle he calls home—a problem he is helpless to solve.

Meet more squires, knights and others living in the Kingdom of Consany

The Legendary Castle

The stronghold of the entire kingdom, Consany Castle is home to the King, the castle knights sworn to defend him and the fortress—along with their squires and pages—and the resident servants. Castle life demands that the knights live up to their warrior code when any threat looms—it is a life tempered only by the pageantry of feasts and tournaments. The majestic castle was built to be a place where the noble always prevail—unless, of course, secrets loom in the kingdom.

More About the Kingdom of Consany

Bordered by the Sea of Fyyorde to the west, the Kingdom of Consany consists of three main lands: Kyorriton in the northwest, Lystone in the northeast and Consany in the entire southern area of the realm. The Fairmonte River runs along a portion of Kyorriton until it meets the sea. Otherwise most of the kingdom is uninhabited forest with sprawling woods. Each of the main lands has a small town area, though Consany acts as the lead region with the busiest town and is where Consany Castle was built.

In this castle, the King dwells with a band of between seven to 10 knights, who protect His Majesty and his castle. They also work to protect the commoners and settle any wrongdoings that occur in the kingdom.

In times of war, foot soldiers and the town knights are often called upon to protect the land as well—sometimes before the castle knights are dispatched, so they may guard the castle as needed. Foot soldiers are often the unfortunate servants of barons sent out by their lords upon the King’s summoning. The barons offer this in return for the land provided by the King for their baronies. In lower-class households, any man or boy can be sent out as a foot soldier. Knights living in town are called upon, also, when it is necessary.


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It was as if he suddenly decided to bring to light something he waited to reveal, and he pushed away not only the bow, but the wall that had kept him from perceiving the truth and the clasp that had kept his mouth locked to hold it in.

Of Squires and Knights



With only one year left before he is to be dubbed a knight of Consany Castle, Jonathan does not expect his final days as a squire to hold any surprises. Nothing could be further from reality.

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One day, he makes a treacherous discovery: a hidden truth revealed by a fellow squire. Now, he must carry a secret that could foreshadow dark days ahead for the kingdom. Amidst this new turmoil, Jonathan has a chance encounter with a peasant that awakens his heart and forever changes his path. Yet an old custom stands in his way—as do unforeseen battles that suddenly wrench him and the knight training him, Sir Grant, away to war. The skirmishes seem shrouded with mysterious circumstances, adding to the horrors of the frontlines.

As he nears knighthood, Jonathan lives in an ever-changing landscape of secrets and battle woes. Will he find a way to protect all who are dear to him? If things don’t change, they could face a dark and uncertain future.


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